The clinical infrastructure for nextgen physical therapy.

Band Connect provides a connected health platform enabling PTs to virtually recreate the in-clinic experience for their patients at home, increasing therapy adherence and unlocking clinical and economic benefits for both patient and clinic.

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We’re extending the in-clinic physical therapy experience into patients homes.

We do this by leveraging our patent pending connected exercise equipment to create a gamified experience personalized by their PT, simulating a virtual PT guiding the patient for accurate form and movement.

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The Band Connect Platform:

Enables Physical Therapists

To proactively manage their patient’s rehabilitation journey and make informed decisions based on the patient’s at-home compliance.

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Empowers Patients

To take charge of their own outcomes to get them back to participating in their daily activities.

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There is an existential threat for PT Clinics doing business as usual.

Physical therapists are constrained by their inability to manage or direct patients in their therapy between in-clinic visits. This is further exacerbated by the patient’s lack of compliance, forcing physical therapists to rely exclusively on a high frequency of one-on-one interactions in the clinic.

This approach is not sustainable with patient’s inability to maintain the frequency of visits leading to high number of no-shows and subsequent drop-offs.

Our Product

We’re building upon the essential human experience of physical therapy.

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Why we’re unique.

Band Connect leverages proven resistance-based training that is being prescribed in the clinic today, without the use of cameras or on-body sensors.

Clinically validated Class II 510(k) Exempt FDA Medical Device.

Sensor-enabled equipment without cameras or on-body sensors.

Resistance-based training leveraging clinically proven techniques.

Portable and easy to use for continued therapy on the go.

Gamified patient experience.

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