We’re revolutionizing the physical therapy experience.

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We’re providing clinics with a revenue-enhancing solution delivering improved outcomes and satisfaction.

Physical therapists have lacked tools for patient therapy compliance outside clinic visits, affecting their profession, clinic revenue, and patient recovery outcomes. Band Connect offers a gamified platform, rooted in in-clinic sessions, to guide patients through exercise therapy and provide PTs with valuable clinical feedback.

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  • Improving patient compliance.

  • Increasing clinic capacity.

  • Preventing patient dropouts.

  • Reducing patient no shows.

  • Supporting medical necessity claims.

Providing for
orthopedic groups.

Surgeons and orthopedic groups don’t have the required line of sight on their patients post surgery. Post-surgery visits, when they occur, are limited to in-office assessments and reliance on patients to be proactive in their therapy. Surgeons and physical therapists typically don’t have the required channels to communicate effectively on patient progress.

Band Connect’s connected health platform provides surgeons with requisite objective information about a patient’s rehab process progression and also provides the basis for surgeon to physical therapist dialog and proactive decisioning about the patient’s therapy. Surgery groups supporting bundled reimbursement models are particularly incentivized to holistically manage their patients through their course of therapy, and Band Connect provides the infrastructure to support that model.

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We’re supported by nationally-recognized surgeons and practitioners.

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  • 220%

    Increased patient compliance.

  • 100%

    Increase in therapy duration.

  • 24%

    Increased patient volume.

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We’re unlocking enhanced revenue pathways.

Home care is a growing segment in US Healthcare and so is home-based physical therapy – typically catering to patient populations that have limited mobility or access to transportation.

Band Connect’s connected health platform allows for the optimal home care workflows allows PTs to follow their patients at home and helping them maximize their time with the patient.

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  • Increasing patient capacity.

  • Reduced frequency of in-clinic visits.

  • Remote therapeutic monitoring reimbursement.

  • Increased confidence in accurately completing prescribed therapy.

  • Improved communication with clinician.

  • Personalized care specific to condition.

  • Tracked recovery progress relative to set goals and expectation.s

We’re helping military service members at Military Treatment Facilities (MTFs).

The Military Treatment Facilities across the US treat a variety of patients including warfighters, their families as well as civilian populations.

Band Connect’s connected health platform is a dual-use technology, supporting both commercial and DoD use cases.

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