We’re retaining the clinic touchpoints where it matters, and letting technology augment the rest.

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We reproduce proven resistance-based training being prescribed in the clinic today, without cameras or on-body sensors.

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How it works.


By reviewing metrics of patient’s remote sessions, physical therapists are given the necessary tools to objectively determine the best treatment path at every step of the rehabilitation process.

Away from the clinic (at home)

The simulated instructions and feedback mechanisms while the patient is away from the clinic give them the confidence to adhere to their treatment protocol, consistently and with accurate form, while continuously assessing progress.

We provide targeted condition-specific attachments.

Band Connect’s AI-driven technology simulates the in-clinic experience for the patient at home, while providing clinicians a line of sight into the patient’s progress when they aren’t in the clinic.

Platform Features:

  • Hybrid asynchronous care
  • Condition-specific
  • Ultra-personalized to the patient, and where they are in treatment
  • Real-time personalized feedback
  • Resistance focused training techniques

Upper Extremity Support

Rehabilitation Focus

  • Mid-back
  • Shoulder
  • Neck

Lower Extremity Support

Rehabilitation Focus

  • Ankle
  • Hip
  • Knee